Content Expiry

Production content

By default content in production will expire after 30 days of inactivity. This value can be modified via CONTENT_EXPIRY_MINUTES config option in settings.

Default value can be overridden via desk configuration. There you can specify different expiry for both desk and stage. When an item is updated, it will modify its expiry using value from:

  1. current stage if set
  2. current desk if set
  3. default value from config

Thus there is always some expiry value in place, even if not set on a desk or stage. Content which expires in production will be removed without any traces left.

Published content

Published content will be in published collection for CONTENT_EXPIRY_MINUTES, after that it will be still available in archived collection.

Ingest content expiry

It uses INGEST_EXPIRY_MINUTES config, which is set to 2 days by default.